Experiences and foto's

Horses between the Lakhovsky rings


Animals treated with the Multi Wave Oscillator
Rife tube in combination with Lahkovsky antennas.
Rife tube and Lakhovsky antennas may be used both separately and combined.
This picture shows how patient "cat" while being treated with the Rife tube and Lakhovsky antennas Violet Ocean. These devices have collectively more powerful effect
in that during broadcasting, the frequencies complement each other. A treat for the body.

Nice if you bring get what you asked for help, and get accepted.
Tache comes naturally after eating in the mwo.
She had surgery on the spleen weighing 5 kg.
She loves the mwo since she had demodex and cure demodex especially in mwo with the antennas.
There she goes directly between lie even though she is not sick.
I also give her now colloidal silver 2x a day.
She also has a lot of rest and sleep a lot, but once I'm going to awake out of the room and she wants to follow me. March 15 she is 13 years old.
Lots of love,
Tache and Athena


Babette van Veen



Henk Vonk, opera singer from The Netherlands

henkvonk1Henk Vonk is a well-known opera singer. Born in the Netherlands and living in the centre of the Netherlands, the city Utrecht.

His voice is really amazing and can reach an audience of more than 3500 people. Henk takes always the MWO with him on tour through Europe and other continents.

In Henk's words:

"The MWO helps me to keep my voice in the best condition possible, it improved me doing things with my voice, I never thought of."