MultiWave Oscillator Professional(Ordered on request)

  • MultiWave Oscillator Professional(Ordered on request)

MWO professional.

MWO driver 220 volt
2 Pillows and an little bulb
2 cables
2 Lakhovsky rings and 2 stand.

Ordered on request

Ordered on request , Delivery time 2-3 working.

220/240-volt version with timer, variable spark gap and with a fine-tuning knob to change the amount of pulse per second. The high voltage power supply inside is CE certified and with a safety shortcut system. The most stable and flexible MWO in the world. Also very useful in making all kinds of pure products of different metals in distilled water.

If you want to use the Multi Wave Oscillator in a country with 110 volt a 110/240-volt transformer is necessary. They are easy to get. 

MWO Lakhovsky:
  • With  2 therapy pillow and therapy lamp
  • With Lakhovsky antennas and stands , 2 clables
This Multi Wave Oscillator can also be used to drive the Lakhovsky antennas and for making colloidal solutions out of different metals. For instance pure colloidal silver, gold, platinum etc. This powerfull MWO is with a bipolar Tesla coil and flat primairy coil. All the MWO's designed are with a sparkgap and bipolar coils. Like Lakhovsky had in mind. With this Multi Wave Oscillator you can also produce Multifrequency charged metals in distilled water, like pure colloidal silver, gold, platinum etc. This is a very interesting process and after many tests results, there is only one conclusion. This solution is far behind any other colloidal solution. The most purest form with a lot of energy. Heating of the distilled water is not necessary. 

On the right this is the construction of a sparkgap with cooling for long life.
 And on the left the making of Collidal Silver 

For instance. Test results show that pure colloidal silver made by the MWO is the most effective solution available.

This colloidal silver is not a medicine, but a mineral solution Warning. Never use the MWO when someone has a Pacemaker. The Multi Wave Oscillator is only for experimental use. 

Price list is for delivery outside the EU of parts and complete sets.In the EU prices are for all 

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