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With pride we present our Multiwave Oscillator site.
All that concerns the Multiwave, stands together and organized.
The Multiwave high frequency a machine with many possibilities.

We give detailed explanations and information.
If there are any questions, please call us.

In Multiwave we often recommend eg. The detox combination (bio-resonance).
These two are complementary to each other, it makes detoxification and circulation are stimulated.
For a deeper relaxation is fine, a lithium tube fixed to houden.Als you sit between the Lakhovsky rings.
There are many possibilities, we will help humans and animals.
O.A. stand our Multiwave stables cows, along with our products. Animals can not pretend, it relaxes eg, etc.
Upon the whole, we can provide a supportive healing.
We call this "A plus plus situation."
Aroused my interest, please let us know.

Loving greeting.

Liesbeth Bleeker

Marianne Cardinaal

Violet Ocean

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